Easy ways to "Eco-fy" your home

Hi friends,


Just thought I would shoot you all a quick email on this sunny Wednesday (for now... I'm in Geelong so it could be rainy any minute but it is sunny now, so we will go with that) with some recommendations about how you can make small changes in your home to become more Eco friendly and lower your environmental impact on this beautiful place we live.

These are all things that I have personally started doing in my own home. Now, I don't claim to be 100% Eco friendly all of the time because there are times that it cannot be avoided unfortunately, but I do make small changes where ever possible for not only my future, but my sons too.

  • Beeswax wrap instead of cling wrap. This is such a small and easy change that I absolutely love taking a plate to a friends house with my beexwax wrap on it and getting comments about how cute they look. They liven up my fridge and I have found in my experience that they have a better seal on all of my bowls (you know how sometimes cling wrap doesn't cut it?).
  • Reusable coffee cups when getting take away coffees. I am actually "that person" that drinks from my Joco cup when I am at home because I feel like it tastes better. They are an absolute investment and most places (Bean Squeeze - gotta love ya) give you a discount when you brings your own coffee cup and everyone is all about that budget life.
  • Bamboo cutlery sets instead of single use plastic. They are such an easy one to chuck in your bag, glove box, pram, nappy bag etc etc etc because they are small and compact and come in their own little organic muslin bag, so they aren't getting all manky in there. Would highly recommend these babies. 

If you have any questions about anything below, or above for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love a chat! 

Stay tuned for next weeks tips and tricks.

Eco Mummas x

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